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How I Met Your Mother in its 7th Season

by on Friday, April 20th, 2012

Since its 2005 Premiers on CBS, How I Met Your Mother has earned a place among classic American sitcoms. The show, currently in its seventh season, follows the lives of Ted Mosby, played by Josh Radnor, and his friends. A futuristic Ted serves as the shows narrator, who, from the year 2030, recounts to his son and daughter the story of, well, how he met their mother. After a somewhat tumultuous journey, the show and its producers have finally met success in a seventh season.

Many critics are wondering what lay behind the show’s sudden-and somewhat belated-success. The show was born from the ideas of two young screenwriters, Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, to write about their friends and lives in New York. Thomas and Bays drew the characters, setting, and storyline all from their own experiences.

In 2008, Lifetime Television purchased the right to rerun the program, and a contract required that the studio create 110 episodes. At the end of the fourth season, only 88 episodes of the required 110 had been filmed, so a fifth season followed. Two years later, it was announced that the series would continue for a sixth season. They continued on with a seventh season, and have already announced plans for an eighth.

The last couple of seasons, not built into CBS’ initial contract, were produced only because of popular demand. Yet, the question still remains as to what caused this demand after so many seasons before failed to earn the same reaction. According to, from the very beginning critics felt How I Met Your Mother was simply another rendition of “the same old story,” the quirky, urban boy-meets-girl tale that has been exhausted by ABC and CBS since the mid eighties. As the seasons progressed, however, the writers adjusted, allowing the main character to develop a unique, less generic identity.

Initially, many viewers complained that nothing in the show seemed to occur naturally. Both emotions and actions appeared forced and theatrical. Going into the seventh season, however, the actors and actresses became more comfortable and natural in character, and the scenes began to flow.

Many others assert that the show was hard to take seriously in the beginning because so many abnormal things happened at such a fast pace; “the ideas are such exaggerations that there is no shred of reality in them,” one viewer explained. As the show nears its end, the directors have worked to fix this. The main character has come closer and closer to finding out who his children’s mother is, and the plot of the story has tightened and grown more serious.

Overall, the sitcom has made huge leaps in the right direction, winning awards, and gaining its highest ratings yet. The producers plan for an eighth season, which will hopefully continue this dramatic upward trend.

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