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The Milton Measure

A review of this year’s “charged” Dance Concert

So you think they can dance?

by The Milton Measure on Thursday, March 8th, 2012

2012 Dance Concert takes students by storm

The cast of last week’s dance concert was certainly worth watching. Each and every person who took the stage during the fabulous exhibition was incredibly skilled. Starting with Isabel Wise’s (II) energetic and perhaps dangerous dance, “Off With Head,” the dance concert began on a powerful note. Dressed in risqué red, black, and blue outfits, the dancers captivated the crowd with forceful and well defined moves. Sophie Hoffman’s (I) dance “Alive,” cast with unique costumes and intriguing lighting was a showstopper.  Performed by power players such as Sara Pearce-Probst (II) and Kirby Feagan (II) among many other talented dancers, Sophie’s dance set an energetic tone.
In four years I have never seen a dance as creepy and captivating as Kelli Edwards’ “Step Right Up.” The clown dance was haunting and breathtaking, terrifying and brilliant. The part where Molly McCullen (IV) comes floating in at the end with the same red balloon? I’m going to faint just thinking about it!
Binna Kim’s (I) dance seized the audience, and staying true to its name, “Pretty Lights,” mesmerized with dynamic movement and lighting. Corey Baker, a member of the faculty, also choreographed a poignant number, “Silent Shout”,” which featured new comers to the concert such as Nick Maragos (II), easily one of the crowd’s favorites.
Hayley Fishs’ (II) dance, “Love Me. Respect Me. Accept Me” was one of the most uplifting and exuberant dances ever, defining bullying and then illustrating the ideas through dance. Ending with Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger,” the entire room was left inspired. Next was “Tutus and Bananas,” by Kelli Edwards, a dance that brought the recent discussions about gender issues into play. Featuring comic moments, the dance was the perfect one to lead the audience into intermission.
The second half led with “Masti,” an artistic dance done by Natasha Basin (I), which introduced Sam Wasserman (I), Tyler Starks (I), Jared Friedberg (I) to the stage. Despite this being their first dance concert, they seized the audience’s attention like pros.
When Victoria Chen’s (I) “Starry Night” took the stage and lights flashed and robbers appeared in striped costumes, the audience felt like the concert could not get any better. And then came Chloe Gianatasio’s (I) hilarious dance, “Today’s Forecast,” which was cleverly done with umbrellas and charming choreography.
But I know what you’re thinking. I’ve missed something. Ah yes. “Warrior.” The epic out of this world Irish step dance that blew the minds of the audience. “That was so sick,” raved Julia Xiong (II), “It was audacious….It was just such a contrast and it kind of caught me by surprise.” The concert was incredible, the dances intricate, graceful and spectacular, but “Warrior,” choreographed by Haley Dougherty (III), Caitlin Greene (III) and the dancers, sealed it in dance concert history .
“Sleepwalkers” and “Fix You,” two moving and graceful numbers created by Danielle Frederick (I) and Kirby Feagan (II) respectively, created a relaxed contrast to the hip hop dance choreographed by Bright Osajie (I) and Karen Li (I).
On the whole, the dance concert was artistic, beautiful, astonishing, and powerful.  And maybe if you watch the talented Milton dance crew’s moves for long enough, you can steal the show at your next school dance.

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