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The Milton Measure

Importance of Being Earnest

by The Milton Measure on Friday, February 10th, 2012

Jessica Carlson (I) and Louis McWilliams (I) rehearse (Libby Perold)

Jessica Carlson (I) and Louis McWilliams (I) rehearse (Libby Perold)

Jessica Carlson (I) and Louis McWilliams (I) rehearse (Libby Perold)

Have you ever toyed with the idea of having another identity? I know I have. Just like I have often toyed with the idea of having a super suit. And voila, that fascination with alter egos means that I will obviously be present at this week’s production of “The Importance of Being Ernest,” a show all about multiple identities and humor!

“The Importance of Being Ernest” will be a “sassy” show, explains Ian Malone (III). As the cast and crew gear up for the winter main stage, the excitement builds around the coming attraction. Tickets have been selling rapidly in Forbes, sold by the director herself, Dar Anastas. The show, a play by Oscar Wilde, promises to be funny. The show is about a man leading two lives, under the different facades of Ernest and Jack, and his friend Algernon, who also pretends to be a man named Ernest, which amounts to ridiculous confusion and hilarity.

In addition to the winding and mixed up plot, the talented cast will no doubt put on a fabulous performance. Some members of the group are: Louis McWilliams (I), Helson Taveras (III), Jessica Carlson (I), Emily Jacobs (II), Ian Malone (III), and Angela Feng (III). Louis McWilliams, whose talent has wowed audiences in “The Visit” among many other shows, takes on one of the leads: Jack Worthing, which he describes as a “fun role” to play. Louis urges people to come see the show, which “is hilarious.”

Among the funniest scenes is the last scene: the final burst of confusion and hilarity. Angela Feng (III) explains that her favorite scene is towards the end, “when all the secrets start spilling out, and everybody is shocked and confused!” She also highlights the director as part of the show’s expected

success. “Dar really helped

us develop our characters at first by really emphasizing that we need to read our lines simply and honestly,” she explains, “Like we were actually saying them, and then slowly build on the character…understanding the meaning of the words and why we were saying them. …We always needed to know our personal motives and backstory.” Some of the lines were difficult to decipher due to the old script, so Dar’s pushing the cast to interpret the lines and say them plainly really helped the cast grow. “Dar is great,” adds Louis, enthusiastically. “I’ve seen the play before,” Emma City (II) adds, “And I love it. It’s really funny…it’s all about mistaken identity. I can’t wait to see it!”

Like other students, Emmie Atwood (III) shares in the mounting enthusiasm. “I am so excited to see such talented actors perform in this play. I have heard it was an incredibly fun experience and I know that everybody involved is going to light up the stage. I can’t wait to see my friends perform on Friday night.” The show is also drawing viewers because of the interesting script choice.

Akanshu Srivastav (I) describes, “I am interested to see a high school production of a nineteenth century play.” He’s not the only one: “I love Oscar Wilde,” explains a freshman girl, “I love ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray.’ It’s one of my favorites! I’ve been looking forward to seeing the show!”

The student excitement and talented cast are sure to make for a great production. If you’re just reading this article now and thinking, “Man, I wish I had gone to see that play!” fear not! The show goes up Friday night at 7:30 and Saturday night at 7:00, so be sure to get a ticket in Forbes and head out!

Who isn’t curious about why it’s important to be Ernest? So don’t miss it.

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