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The Milton Measure

Battle of Smartphones

by on Friday, December 9th, 2011

We all treasure our phones, constantly glued to their screens even as we walk across the street. Yet, with technology rapidly advancing, there is always a shiny new phone, better than the one in our hand, that we long for.  Despite the immense increase in the popularity of the BlackBerry last year, iPhones and Androids have now taken over.

BlackBerry sales are struggling, as they attempt to keep up with the Android and especially the iPhone.  As the Wall Street Journal covered on December 3rd, RIM (Research in Motion-BlackBerry’s Maker) has lost half a billion dollars in unsold or discounted BlackBerry PlayBooks, while the Apple iPad’s sales have steadily increased.

Especially after the BlackBerry server RIM crashed this October, leaving BlackBerry owners around the world isolated without instant messaging or Internet for four days, many BlackBerry owners seriously considered switching phones.  However, even before this crash, many previously loyal BlackBerry customers contemplated jumping on the Apple bandwagon.

Many companies are making the change from BlackBerrys to iPhones for work. The more user-friendly, straight forward aspect of the iPhone is beneficial for companies. predicts that once the banks switch over to iPhones, other wavering professionals will follow suit.

Not only does this switch affect businesses, but it is also touching the younger community. Milton students attest that  BlackBerries are becoming less and less popular, while iPhones reign and Androids steadily gain popularity.

The iPhone is much more usable, with its easy touch screen and easy to access apps for games, email, Facebook, music and a high-quality camera.  Compared to her previous phone, the BlackBerry Curve, Mykayla Sandler (III) states that the iPhone “can do so much more,” and does not crack or freeze like her old Blackberry.  In addition, with the myriad of apps, the speedy internet, and the music aspect, Sandler relates, “the iPhone is more fun…[than] the professional and boring BlackBerry”.

The Android is also starting to make its mark on our school. When her 2006 Red Razor stopped working, Titania Ngyuen (III) figured it was time to switch.  She describes why she loves her Androidin with a few simple words: “Shiny.  Large screen.  Useful apps.  Kickstand.”

While the Android and iPhones both have apps, “the Android is more customizable,” Ngyuen says, showing the widgets, wallpaper, changeable keyboard, and music on her phone.

The Android, however, also has its flaws; its inability to sync to iTunes discourages people from buying the phone.  One students complains, “It just makes music too complicated.”

It seems that while Androids, iPhones, and BlackBerries all have their pros and cons, the BlackBerry’s popularity is gradually decreasing, due to Androids and iPhones surpassing in technological advancement.  If even BlackBerry smart phones are losing their innovation, old flip phone and qwerty-boards are falling even further behind from the ever improving Motorola and Apple products.  As one student says, “soon our phones will just be miniature, handheld robots.”

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