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The Milton Measure

Milton Arts Requirement

In Support of the Requirement

by The Milton Measure on Friday, October 14th, 2011

One of Milton’s defining qualities is the number of opportunities the institution offers to students.  We can choose among a variety of sports, clubs, academic pursuits, and arts courses; Milton has something for everyone.

But what is the use of all of these opportunities if students don’t use them?  Milton should be held responsible for making students try new activities. Therefore, the school should continue to require its students to participate in art courses.

Arts should remain mandatory at Milton for many reasons. These classes engender connections among students of various interests. Art classes allow the people who might otherwise only do sports befriend classmates who would otherwise only be in the theatre.

In addition, art classes encourage students to expand their creative horizons, forcing students to exercise different parts of their brains. We often get caught up in the technical parts of learning, forgetting the importance of creativity. Being creative requires a completely different set of skills than those we commonly employ in academic classes. This challenge to think differently helps provide a more complete educational experience.

Finally, art teaches non-verbal communication. Education should train our brains to think and reason in a variety of ways. We are used to the verbal form of thinking and communicating: giving a speech, debating, and writing an essay. However, we often leave out the non-verbal side of learning and communicating. Art allows people to speak and convey a message without using words.

Art classes are diversifying, mentally stimulating, and educationally fulfilling. By forcing students to partake in art classes, Milton is ensuring that students take advantage of opportunities, thus improving the quality and well-roundedness of its student body.

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