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The Milton Measure

Magus Mabus Prepares for This Evening’s Beatnik, Open-Mic Night

by The Milton Measure on Friday, October 14th, 2011

The 2011-2012 Magus Mabus Board

This evening, Milton’s literary magazine, the Magus Mabus, will host its first open-mic night of the year. The event, called Beatnik, gives students an opportunity to showcase their talents in front of their peers. Performances range from two to twelve minutes, and can include music, comedy, poetry readings, and more. Expected performers include Adam Rochelle (II), Arty Berman (I), Hannah Auerbach (I), Sage Warner (II), Claire Russell (III) and Charlie Blasberg (III).

Claire Russell (III), who will be playing the piano and singing, told me “I am really looking forward to this Fall’s Beatnik!” Claire added, ” It’s always interesting to see the talent that people have outside the classroom.”  With regards to her own experience performing at Beatnik, Claire shared, “I love the rush of performing, so it’s great that Beatnik offers another opportunity to get up in front of a crowd and test the boundaries of my comfort zone.”
Claire also performed at Beatnik as a freshman. Even though she’s always a little bit nervous before going on stage, she enjoys how comforting the Beatnik environment is for all performers.
Adam Rochelle (II) will be playing an original set with a band he’s putting together just for Beatnik.  In the past few weeks, Adam has been focused on building his new band and commented, “Hopefully this performance will be a good preview of a more polished and finalized band that I hope to have sometime soon.
Adam commented that at most Beatniks there are few band-oriented acts.  Adam believes that bands provide more diversity to performances. He affirmed, “It’s always great to play with different musicians as long as you just get out there and play!”  Adam hopes that more bands will form as the year continues and that “the first Beatnik sets a good upbeat tone so the rest of them [will be] well attended.”
Arty Berman (I) will also make an appearance at beatnik  Arty will play “covers of classic rock songs mostly from the 70’s and 80’s.” In preparation for the night, Arty’s “group has been practicing after dinner a few nights per week for the last few weeks.” They also practice individually in their free time to make their rehearsals more productive.
While the performers have been preparing,  the Magus Mabus board, a board that produces Milton’s art and literary magazine in addition to organizing Beatnik, has been working out the logistics of Beatnik.  The board hopes to make sure it lives up to the hype. Other than coordinating the performance list and setting the dates, editor-in-chief Vince Kennedy (I) stated that Magus’ job is to, “get all the equipment together, set up chairs and food, MC the evening, and take photos.”
This year, the first Beatnik will be held outside on the Ware Quad, weather permitting. Food will be provided, and the Quad will allow students to relax while watching some great performances. New students should keep in mind that this is the first of multiple Beatniks every year, so even if you have to go home for Parent’s Weekend, you’ll be able to catch another night of great performances later in the year. If you’re not going home for the weekend, make sure to clear out your schedules and come out for the first Beatnik of the year.

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