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The Milton Measure

Twitter Popularity Rises Among Students

by on Friday, September 30th, 2011

Twitter has become the new trend in social networking.  Along with its rising popularity at Milton Academy, Twitter has become the network of choice by highly publicized celebrities such as @KimKardashian, political institutions such as @WhiteHouse, and narcissistic teenagers who unnecessarily update the world on every detail of their lives.

Differing from status updates on Facebook, tweets are required to be 140 characters or less, and therefore, require a certain art to write.  Many Milton students have found they prefer this shorter method of  sharing their everyday thoughts, causing the popularity of Twitter to sky-rocket.

With its rising popularity, Twitter has become the topic of many debates. Nicole Rufus (I) believes, “Twitter shows how self-obsessed we are. It is being misused; if it were just for streams-of-consciousness, we would just write in our journals all day.” Stephanie Ng (I) also believes that “Twitter seems like a waste of time, another useless social networking tool.”

However, these are the opinions of two people who do not have a Twitter account.  Actual tweeters defend the website, claiming that it is a more entertaining way to share their thoughts than Facebook. Ari Spilo (II) stated, “I love twitter.

The most popular trend which has stemmed from Twitter is the use of hash-tags (#). Words that are hash-tagged on Twitter are central phrases to the tweet. By hash-tagging these words twitter users can more easily search for a common topic. Users are able to search all of twitter for certain hash-tags in order to find other peoples opinions on a topic. Hash-tags are often used to portray sarcasm and humor at the end of a tweet, enhancing the actual content.

Along with the ability to write 140 character messages about one’s life, Twitter includes many other features.

Users are able to tweet at people, directly sending a message to another user and reply to other member’s tweets.  Twitter also allows member to make their tweets private, so that only their followers can read them. Tweeters can also create short biographies on their profiles and retweet others’ messages that they found funny or interesting.  Twitter balances social networking and sharing information about everyday life in a way that Facebook cannot.

As a greater number of students at Milton understand that they need release from the high-pressure system, they can maintain a sanity by posting sentimental, cynical, or just plain informational tweets about their lives. Some infuse their tweets with  an air of mystery or a richness of content through a limited number of words, while others just write whatever is on their mind

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