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The Milton Measure

A Fall Filled with Exciting Album Releases

by The Milton Measure on Friday, September 30th, 2011

Student listens to J. Cole’s new album

This fall is a season of musical peddling by many top artists. True, most are of the million dollar variety, and could probably spend time in one of their vacation homes soaking up the sun–nevertheless they decided to head into the studio and make music instead.

Blink-182’s “Neighborhoods,” came out on Tuesday, September 27th. The band formed in 1992 and has been talking about releasing this album since 2005. “Neighborhoods” has been festering in Blink-182’s musical archives since the band first took a break from touring, and the wait has had fans foaming at the mouth. Fans’ and critics’ receptions have been very mixed. The lyrics and general moods of the songs deviate significantly from the image that Blink left fans with after their earlier work, and no one knows what to think. Only time will tell on this project.

Also dropped on September 27th is J. Cole’s “Cole World: The Sideline Story.” The first album by J. Cole, a disciple of Jay-Z, has been massively hyped; while he has been a guest artist on tracks all over the musical world, his album has been anticipated for the last two years.

According to the track list released by J. Cole himself, the young artist has managed to land Jay-Z, Drake, and Missy Elliott as guests in his maiden work. Few Hip-Hop artists have come close to Jay-Z’s longevity, and J. Cole will have large shoes to fill.

On October 24th, Coldplay will release “Mylo Xyloto”. The band can only hope that their new album will draw in the same kind of commercial success that they found with “Viva la Vida.” “Mylo Xyloto,” according to band members, is a nonsense name that they gave to their work to keep it light.

Nevertheless, if a Latin student pays close enough attention, he will notice that the two apparently nonsensical words do have a second meaning: Mylo, having to do with falling apart, and Xyloto, a family of insects. “Mylo Xyloto” is Coldplay’s attempt at moving into a slightly different genre than the niche that they have carved themselves with their previous works. The band wrote ground rules for how they would produce the work, one of which was revealed to be “Thou shalt make music like an Italian cook, with simple and strong flavors.”

Also releasing music on October 24th will be Drake, with his second album “Take Care.” Drake has not released the subject material of his album yet, but from the single “Headlines,” we can assume it’s more of Drake’s classic work: the young superstar trying his best to live with fame. Confirmed collaborators on the album are Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and, surprisingly, Stevie Wonder. Fans expect great things from Drake’s sophomore album.

Other notable fall releases include Jason Derulo (9/27), Kelly Clarkson (10/24), Young Jeezy (October), Wale (11/1), Metallica (11/1, with Lou Reed), Rick Ross (November), and Nickleback (11/21). Many of these artists claim to be trying something new.

Kelly Clarkson speaks of the numerous styles going in to her new work. Jeezy claims that his material is new: “Everyone knows I ain’t standing on the corner no more, so that’s out.” The others, too, say that they have discovered some fresh influences for their work.

I wish them the best of luck with their attempts, and hope that it will turn out better than Lil Wayne’s.

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