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The Milton Measure

Ms. Wade, Member of the History Department, Says Goodbye

by The Milton Measure on Friday, June 10th, 2011

Ms. Wade smiles as she talks to a student

After 28 years of intensive involvement in the Milton community, beloved history teacher Ms. Wade retires to her house in Vermont, where she will teach spring classes at the Mountain School. Ms. Wade’s departure is a great loss for the history department and Milton Academy as a whole. In a recent interview with the Milton Measure, Ms. Wade shared some of her thoughts on leaving the Academy.

When asked about her most memorable experiences at Milton, Ms. Wade responded with memories of her students. “I have a lot of memorable students and when I think back all their faces are there and when I run into people I can almost always remember exactly what chair they sat in and sometimes I can remember what they wrote their research paper on.” Ms. Wade shared. Ms. Wade also explained that she has stayed at Milton for so long because “teachers here have a great deal of latitude as they write their courses and plan what they want to do with their courses.”

In her response, Ms. Wade displayed a combined love for her students, for history, and for Milton, the kind of love which makes Milton a special place for both faculty and students.

As a student of Ms. Wade, I can attest to the value she holds as a classroom teacher. She engages each student in class discussions and helps all students reach their full academic potential. Her complete knowledge of history allows her to create a curriculum conducive to exploring worldwide historical relationships.

Ms. Wade has been an instrumental part in my assimilation to life during my first year at Milton. She was always willing to meet with me outside of class and grant me a retake when I needed it.

When asked about her experiences with Ms. Wade, Libby Perold (II) spoke fondly. “She’s a great advisor. She’s extremely kind and warm and easy to talk to”. Libby added, “She definitely loves her students, you can just tell. It’s very sad that she’s leaving.”

Mr. Pollans, a fellow member of the history department, eagerly shared his words on the departure of Ms. Wade, commenting on her dedication to history. “She has had her finger on the pulse of the American academic interest in the teaching of history since she got here”. Mr. Pollans explained that all students benefit from her love of teaching and concluded, “ She is much loved by her colleagues and will be much missed”.

Despite feelings of nostalgia and sadness, Ms. Wade welcomed the next stage of her life, a stage when she will enjoy well-deserved time for herself. In making her decision to leave, Ms. Wade found some solace in Hindu doctrines. As Ms. Wade explained, Hindus believe in “four stages of human life and each one of them is terminally important and necessary. There comes an understanding in the Hindu belief that there comes a time that being in the center of the game just isn’t enough anymore”. Often, Ms. Wade said,“That time to think, time to observe, time to put the pieces together gained over time is very appealing.”

Not one to leave her cherished students empty-handed, Ms. Wade carefully presented Milton Academy with parting words of wisdom. “This time in people’s lives seems to me to be a very great gift. The time when one doesn’t have to make a living and when one doesn’t have to think about advancement in the world or whether one can afford to buy a house.” Ms. Wade said that, as students, we have the opportunity to “absorb a great deal of knowledge and to think out loud with other intelligent people”. She concludes with final words of wisdom: “It just seems to me if folks recognized that and gave that preeminence in their approach to their lives right now they wouldn’t be sorry.”

On behalf of the students at Milton, I would like to thank Ms. Wade for her passionate work over the last 28 years. Even though she will no longer be at Milton, Ms. Wade will continue to be a valuable member of the Milton community. I am truly grateful that I had the opportunity to be taught by her and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors. Ms. Wade, you will be missed..

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